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At MB Technical Solutions we strive to provide a friendly and helpful IT experience. Whether for personal or business needs we are here to help. Let us help you with your next computer or network purchase to make sure your get the best for your hard earned money. We also have partnered with some great companies, IDrive and DriverSavers, to provide great services in protecting your data. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you my have or for sales. 
-Michael Burks

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Computer Backup

With so many important and precious files on your computer it is important to have them backed up. Whether it is local or on the cloud it is important to protect your data. We have partnered with IDrive to provide a great server to backup all your information from PC, Macs, Andriods, Iphones, and servers. 

Hard Drive Backup

Data Recovery

Accidents can happen at any time. When it comes to your electronics it can be devastation to lose information left on a damaged device. Don't fear, there is still a chance the information can be saved. We have partnered with DriveSavers for all your data recovery needs. Using our referral code DS50383 will provide you with a no risk revaluation of your device and a discount on recovery costs. Also please watch the provided videos from DriveSavers about their services. 

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Computer Repair

Don't want to buy a new computer but have one that needs some repair? A little TLC might be all that it needs to extend its life. 
From upgrading your software to updating your hardware, we have the answers!

Motherboard Installation

Custom Built Computers

Build and design a computer for your needs. Whether surfing the web, watching movies or TV shows, editing or designing, or playing the latest games; a custom computer can be built from the ground up for you.  
Whatever you need, experience the MB Technical Solutions difference.

Network Hub and Cable

Network Installation

Do you want to strengthen your WiFi system? Do you have questions about different network products? Contact us for home and small business networking solutions and integrations.

IT Consulting

Technical Consulting

Do you have questions or need assistance with your computer or basic network system? Call us, we would be happy to give you an over the phone consultation.

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